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Question Desktop Hardware Compatibility List. ( Ubuntu Forums Hardware Laptops )
Updated: 2008-05-08 17:00:23 (529)
Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Welcome to the Hardware Compatibility List.

The purpose of this thread is for you, the user, to post what hardware/hardware combination works with Ubuntu for you. If you wish, you may post how the hardware works (configuration related), and the steps you took setting it up. These informations will help other users to choose new hardware and it will also help the UDSF archivers to update the Hardware Compatibility Guide.

Everyone is welcome to post here, as long as it is hardware related data. For help with hardware problems, please use the standard procedure of searching the forums, and starting your own thread for assistance if no answer is found.

Give detailed explanations when reporting compatible hardware.

Also Do not post any lspci outputs in this thread as they will be removed with out question.

Please Only List
1)Version Of Ubuntu
2)Type Of Hardware
3)Hardware Maker
4)Hardware Model

*NOTE* This thread is exclusively for the listing of compatible hardware. Any idle chatter or unrelated posts will be moved/removed accordingly. *NOTE*

The UDSF documentation team will catalog information posted here but you are welcome to add your working hardware yourself to the UDSF :

Thank you.

PS: the old compatibilty list thread can be found here and will remain closed :

Answers: Desktop Hardware Compatibility List. ( Ubuntu Forums Hardware Laptops )
Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Release Version)
2) Lenovo ThinkPad T61
3) IBM/Lenovo
4) Model 6460

All hardware detected and works perfectly:
Intel Core2Duo 2.0Ghz
Intel 4965 802.11 a/b/g/n (iwl4965 driver)
Seagate Barracuda 160gb 5400rpm sata300
Nvidia Quadro NVS 140 M
(Using proprietary drivers - Installer picked it up and installed everything for me - great job.)
ThinkPad lights and buttons all get picked up and work great.
(Exception: The wireless light does not function.)
DVD+-RW DL drive works perfectly in Hotbay.
Extra battery in Hotbay works fine.


Switching from spare battery in hotbay to DVD drive works ok. The OS picks up the switch and works fine. Switching from DVD drive to battery locks up the laptop - everytime without fail.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Release Version)
2) HP Pavillion
3) HP
4) DV9540EB

- LiveCD and initial install give you some very ugly colors. Screen resolution looks ok. Restricted Driver Manager picks up the Nvidia GeForce GPU and proposes to use the drivers. After reboot, screen and colors work perfect. Compiz ok.
- Mousepad/keyboard are ok. Special keys for sound work fine.
- bluetooth, Wired and Wireless are fine out of the box.
- All HP indication lights seem to work fine.

No extensive testing yet.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hi, ASUS A8N5X motherboard, AMD 4800 2.4 MgHz processor, 2G memory, 2 Samsung writemonster CD/DVD w/ laserscribe, Flash memory SD card reader/writer, NVIDIA 6600 video card, onboard LAN, onboard audio, Samsung CLP-300 color laser printer all work fine in Ubuntu 64bit version. I haven't figured out how to get 4 speaker operation yet, but in stereo fine.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04 Alternate CD
Asus A8V-VM mainboard
Radeon X300 PCIE graphic card
Samsung DVD writemaster
Gigabyte AirCruiser G Desktop Adapter GN-WP01GS (wireless card)
HP1740 LCD monitor

forgot to mention all USB devices ok including my PEAK scalable R/W multi card reader
just found out my wireless is only running at 1Mb/s with the rt61pci driver in HH i
have used ndiswrapper and my driver disk to set it back up, works @54Mb/s now.
All worked out of the box



Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS x86_64
2) Lenovo ThinkPad T61p
3) Lenovo
4) Model: 6459

Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.5Ghz (T9300)
Wireless: Intel 4965AGN 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth
HDD: Hitachi Travelstar 160gb 7200rpm SATA
Memory: 1x2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667Mhz PC5300
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M (256MB) (Using proprietary drivers - EnvyNG did a good job )
OpticalDr: DVD+-RW RAM DL drive works perfectly.

ThinkPad lights and buttons work well (got the wireless light working after reading this)
I was not able to get suspend and hibernate to work (this was possible in Ubuntu 7.10).


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) LTS Desktop Version, 32bit.
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 105A
  • Video: ATI RC410 (Radeon Xpress 200M)
  • Audio: SB4x0 HD Audio Controller (rev 01)
  • Wireless: Atheros AR2413 (rev 01)
  • Wired: Realtek RTL-8139/8139c/8139c+ (rev 10)
The great news is everything works without ANY tweaking, right out of the box. The bad news: upgrading didn't work, it had to be a clean install. Using 7.10, neither wireless nor audio worked; Thanks for some great work!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) LTS, 64bit, with generic kernel.

  • Dell Precision Workstation T3400
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700
  • One SATA drive, no RAID
  • nvidia Quadro FX 570
  • SoundBlaster Live 5.1
  • DVD+-RW TS-H653B

All installed and worked without problems. I did install the binary nvidia driver 169.12 from nvidia's site, in place of the package from the repositories, because the latter caused "pink or yellow shadows" in compix (a problem reported elsewhere). With the nvidia installer, 3D works well.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1)Ubuntu 8.04
4)Inspiron 2650 (with Nvidia Geforce 2 Go 8MB graphics)

Everything seems to work okay -- volume, touchpad (though you need to add the "SHMConfig" line to xorg.conf), though video seems to be dithering, as if it's only showing up in 16-bit instead of 24 (32?) like it used to under 7.10. No compiz, either, since it seems to be using the opensource "nv" drivers.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy)
ASUS M51Sn Laptop
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz
4bg Ram (only 3 in use due to 32bit os)
GeForce 9500M GS with 512 MB

Everything worked out of the box except for some special function buttons and sound. The wrong model in "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base" was selected by default. Details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=753679


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

* Version Of Ubuntu
Gutsy Gibbon

* Type Of Hardware
Samsung Monitor with ATI graphics card

* Hardware Maker / Model
Samsung Syncmaster 2032BW with ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro

* Issue That Had To Be Resolved
With the Vesa driver, widescreen modes are not available. Once the ATI proprietary driver is correctly installed, the screen can operate correctly in widescreen nodes. I had to do the driver installation manually (the APT installation was unsuccessful)

See manual installation of ATI driver for the procedure that worked for me.



Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Runing Ubuntu 7.10 x64 on Lenovo 3000 V100 (Intel chip set)

wirless, touch pad, usb, sound, microphone most of the hotkeys are working.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Home built for a project - PowerMac G4 replacement
Ubuntu 7.10
Tyan Tiger i7501 motherboard
Dual 1.8 gHz Xeon processors (604)
1 GB Micron memory
Adaptec AHA-2940UW Card
Seagate Barracuda 181gb SCSI160 drive
ATI Radon 9250 PCI card (128Mb)
Adaptec AU 3020A USB/Firewire

System "screams." Much faster than the XP box I have, blows the G4 10.4 out of the water.
No problems loading OS, easy to connect to network, printers and scanner.
Very Very stable - and VERY fast.

With case, etc. spent less than $300.00 - all parts were new or NOS.

Michael Baker
Leaving Leopard behind!!!!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Dell XPS M1330 Laptop


Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 (2.0 GHz, 4 MB cache)
160 GB 7200 RPM Seagate harddisk
Intel 4965 AGN WiFi adapter
nVidia 8400M GS video card (128 MB video memory)
WLED screen (1280 x 800)
Built-in VGA webcam (640 x 480)

Installing Ubuntu 7.10 went without any problem on this laptop. After installation I got a notice to enable the restricted driver for the video card; after doing this and rebooting again, Compiz desktop effects work. All hardware including wireless networking and the webcam work out of the box.

There is only one thing that does not work: the internal microphone. This is a known bug: bug #147682.
*edit*: I see that there is a fix available for the internal microphone. I installed it and now it works.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

* Version Of Ubuntu

* Type Of Hardware
Samsung Monitor with ATI graphics card

* Hardware Maker / Model
Samsung Syncmaster 757NF with ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

* Issue That Had To Be Resolved
My Monitor is not supported, i can's see him in the monitor list, can't put refresh rate higher than 85 hz (i need 100hz,and yes in windows all works perfect) That's the only reason i don't use ubuntu for the moment. tried everything.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu Ver: Gutsy Gibbon 7.10
Hardware: HP All in one Printer 'Photosmart C4280'
Maker: Hewlett Packard
Comment: Print, Copy, Scan worked out of the box


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Desktop PC Specs:

OS: Ubuntu 7.10
Intel Pentium 4 (3.4GHz, 2 MB cache,HyperThreading)
200 GB 7200 RPM Seagate harddisk
Chronos Bluetooth
ATI Radeon X300 video card (128 MB video memory)
ACER AL507 15" LCD monitor

No problem after install. Problems occurs after installing GFX Card driver from restricted driver. After booting, the screen is blank(black). Same problem on my laptop :

OS: Ubuntu 7.10
Intel Pentium 4 mobile (2.0Ghz)
nVidia GeForce 4Go (128MB)

[Sorry with my english. (Maap aken kulo ne'e ono salah kata)]


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

toshiba a100 00n
works out of the box with gutsy
grahics card (intel) and atheros wireless chipset
hibernate works also


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hello, everybody! I'm the newbie. I have experience in using linux. I've tried OpenSuse 10.2, Mandrive Spring 2007, Ubuntu 7.04, and latest Ubuntu 7.10. It was seem everything okay. But was not with the sound. My computer is mute! Here's my Audio details from my Control Panel (Windows):
  • Wearness speaker
  • Legacy Audio Drivers, status working properly
  • media control devices
    1. mciavi32.dll
    2. mcicda.dll
    3. mciqtz32.dll
    4. mciseq.dll
    5. mciwave.dll
  • Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Devices, driver was from Microsoft, version 5.1.2535.0
thank you so much for your help. God Bless all of You


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

whew, Indonesian Linuxer Too : )


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Pentium III - Coppermine
384 Mb Ram
HD Samsung 80Gb
Video ATI Rage Mobility M3 - With Default Ati Driver and no DRI Acceleration
Synaptic Touchpad
LCD 15 Pol
Wireless Card Dlink DWL-G630

The Laptop is fully working, except for the 3D acceleration, but this is a problem well known with the Mach64 Ati driver. The Wireless networks is now suporting WPA Keys and the roaming mode is supperb!

The machine is not a hurricane, but is fast even using Gnome.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

CPU: AMD Duron XP, 1600 MHz (12 x 133)
Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-7VM400AMF (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN, IEEE-1394)
Chipset: VIA VT8378A UniChrome KM400A
BIOS Type: Award Modular (04/21/04)
System Memory: 256 MB (PC2700 DDR SDRAM)

AGP: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 (128 MB)
Monitor: LG Flatron ez T710BH [17" CRT] (14193460

Sound Card: Realtek ALC655 @ VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller

IDE Cotroller: VIA Bus Master IDE Controller
2x Maxtor 6Y080L0 (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
CD-RW: TEAC CD-W552G (52x/32x/52x CD-RW)

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon with all the updates.
Everything works just perefectly!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1. Ubuntu Desktop 7.10
2. Belkin Shutdown Software 1f40 (Bulldog UPS Controller and Drivers)
3. Belkin
4. F6C120-UNV 1200VA battery backup.

I used the install CD and simply unpacked and ran
sudo ./install
It was written and tested on Red Hat 8 & 9 but I had no problems what-so-ever. The install was terminal only but very simple. Control of the UPS is available through the terminal through easy to use scripts. A GUI is also available and is well done.

At least Belkin understand to write its drivers in Linux if it is to make sever related hardware! <wink wink>


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Netgear WG311T 802.11G 108Mbps wireless ethernet card
works flawlessly with all Ubuntu distros. Just push it in the PCI slot, no software config required at all.

ZyDas 802.11G 54Mbps wireless dongle
this is unbranded but the chip is a ZyDas
ZyDas doesn't exist now but they did supply a Linux driver and the card works flawlessly if it's plugged in during install but I can't make it work otherwise. (dapper/feisty).


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Home made Desktop:

Asus A7N8X-X
Sempron 2800+
1,3G DDR
Nvidia 5900XT
Netgear WG311v2 WiFi G

Works well with compiz effects, WIFI OK with ndiswrapper+WICD

ASUS P5B DeluXe WiFi Ed
Core 2 duo 6600
2Go DDR2
160G Maxtor IDE
Nvidia 7600GT

Works fine also for compiz


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Type: PS2-Keyboard, Laptop-Style
Brand: Sansun
Model: SN-113
(as sold in Germany, I paid 5 Euros)

I use this keyboard since two weeks but only today discovered that the multimedia-keys do work out of the box! < 1f40 br /> Volume up/down/mute, featuring nice Head-Up-Display on Screen
Email (Evolution)
Browser (Firefox)
File Search Dialog

This is amazing!
Many thanks to the Ubuntu-Developers: Great Job!

3D-Desktop-Effects work on my Nvidia Geforce 5800 just by selecting it the visual effects in the system settings option.

So long


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

HP C4385 PhotoSmart Printer

FYI, I've been running Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop for a couple weeks now. I needed to be print some things so I went to Best Buy and purchased a HP C4385 PhotoSmart Printer. I went through the setup, plugged the USB into my laptop and Ubuntu recognized it and automatically installed the HP C4200 Foomatic driver. I printed my stuff immediately and it worked flawlessly. Pretty cool. I haven't tried the scanner yet. I think that might be a bit more challenging.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy
Color Laser Printer
HL 4070CDW

Worked perfect out of the box - literally. I plugged in the USB (even though the instructions for Mac & Windows say to install their software first) and after about 30 seconds Gutsy recognized the printer and I got to test it out. It couldn't find the specific PPD file even though it was on a CD loaded and mounted in my CD drive, but it worked with the generic PPD driver just fine. Since I had the specific driver provided by Brother, I went ahead and installed it when prompted by Gutsy to replace the generic one. All is well. Now I have to try to install this thing for XP........


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Is the link to the list down, dead or gone? I get an error everytime I try to access the list....All I want to know is which of the ATI video cards are supported under Ubuntu 7.10. I want to upgrade from the onboard Intel 950 graphics. I'm new to Ubuntu so I'm still feeling my way around.
Thanks for any help you guys/gals can give me.

Asus P5GZ-MX Mobo
E2140 cpu
1 gig Buffalo ram
2 160 gig WD eide drives
Samsung Sata Dvd burner


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon with all updates as of today

Intel P4 Northwood overclocked 30%
XFX GeForce 6800XT overclocked ~45%
Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum with all faceplate connections working as well as full surround sound! remote does not work(no driver)
ASUS P1 Phys-x Card causes no issues
NEC 16x DVD-R/W reads and writes fine
2x 1GB Corsair RAM (cant remember model numbers)
40GB partition on SATA drive for Ubuntu
210GB NTFS Partition for Media
20GB IDE drive for WinXP MCE
80GB IDE drive for Games + Progs
120GB External USB 2.0 for more Media
Sony Ericsson w810i syncs fine with Ubuntu also
Razer Copperhead Mouse works with 7 of 9 buttons functional (attempted to enable last 2, screwed up order of buttons)
Razer Tarrantula Keyboard works. Macro keys not functioning since no driver support. USB1.1 ports on keyboard work, as do Headphone and Mic jacks.

I'll update if i think of anything else or If someone wants/needs more info


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Notebook Dell Latitude D505 - Ubuntu Version 8.04

1. WLAN -> Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG : Works out-of-the-box. Driver name "ipw2200".

2. Graphics card -> Intel 855-Chipset. Works out-of-the-box. Without the following modification in xorg.conf, the X-server, when using the "intel"-driver, repeatedly crashes after logging out :

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Intel"
        Busid           "PCI:0:2:0"
        Driver          "intel"
        Option          "AccelMethod" "exa"
        Option          "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
        Option          "ExaNoComposite" "true"
        Option          "ForceEnablePipeA" "true"
        Option          "FramebufferCompression" "on"
        Option          "Tiling" "on"
The "i810"-driver needs the package "i915-resolution" to support the native resolution "1400x1050" of my notebook.

3. Soundcard -> See above chipset. Works out-of-the-box.

4. Bluetooth -> Dell Truemobile 300. Works out-of-the-box. One important tip : Turn on the bluetooth-radio under Windows (Blue light must be on!). Otherwise the dongle does not work correctly under Hardy (The radio is turned off and no connection is possible).

5. Suspend and Hibernate : Suspend works out-of-the box. No changes are needed. Hibernate fails for me, but because i don't use it, i never tried to fix it.

6. Misc :

- Downgrade BIOS-Version to A09. All above versions (A10 and A11) will corrupt the display under X11.

- Append "hpet=force" to kernel-line in /boot/grub/menu.lst to enable HPET (High Precision Event Timers). This will increase battery life and decrease heat output significantly.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1)Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04
2)Acer Aspire 1640 WLMi

I listed this computer before with Gutsy. I wanted to re-list it because Suspend and Hibernate now work flawlessly. I am no longer jealous of my Mac using friends.

Thanks to all who have been working on these issues for laptop users...your hard work is paying off.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Dell inspiron 1525 laptop, 8.04 Hardy Heron, HP Photosmart C5180 printer scanner, Belkin wirless G router & wirless G print-server

Laptop came pre-installed with 7.04 Gusty Gibbon from Dell, well done Dell, all worked ok. Upgraded to 8.04 & lost sound this link fixed problem http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php...ssues/No_Sound
Set usb printer up as C5100 printing & scanning ok, set wirless printing using AppSocket port 9100 all ok. Life is good!

Judge P

Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Custom build

Using Ubuntu 8.04

Athlon X2 3800+
Asus A8N-SLI
2x OCZ 512MB DDR2
250MB WD Caviar HDD
Asus EN7300GT Graphics with NVidia 3D drivers
LG DVD Writer
Mitsumi 7-in-1 Card Reader
Antec P-150 Case
Samsung SyncMaster 931bw Monitor
Logitech Cordless Wave KB & Mouse with Keytouch for special keys

All works great out of the box including all features of the A8N-SLI (audio, LAN, etc) no extra configuration needed


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Dell M1730

2.2GHz Core 2 Duo
2 x GeForce 8700GT (SLI-on-a-card config)
Aegia physics PPU
Logitech G15 compatible LCD display

Tested with Ubuntu 7.10, Kubuntu 8.04 + KDE4 and Ubuntu 8.04.

7.10 works flawlessly. Only untested devices are the G15 compatible LCD, built-in webcam and SPDIF audio.

8.04 Kubuntu = network not working via either wired or wireless. Failed to pick up DHCP and failed to transfer data with static IP.

8.04 Ubuntu = wireless network will pick up an IP via DHCP but fails to transfer data. Wireless activity indicator LED fails to light. Network manager fails to hold 'WPA2' setting, reverts to 'WPA' every time. Possibly the reason the link fails.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1)Version Of Ubuntu - Hardy 8.04

2)Type Of Hardware - Webcam

3)Hardware Maker - Vimicro

4)Hardware Model - C-91C

This is a product made in China. It works well with Windows XP as well as Ubuntu 8.04.

The web site is www.vimicro.com

I could not get it to work at all with Ubuuntu 7.10.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hardy 8.04 Ubuntu installed on new Desktop computer from Novatech UK (purchased with no operating system) The mainboard uses integrated on board audio:

Ubuntu 8.04 gives sound out from front jack but NOT from rear panel. Microphones front and back seem not working.

Motherboard believed to be
MSI P6NGM-FD motherboard
uses motherboard Intel MCP73V Chipset MicroATX for smart audio jack sensing.

Ubuntu 8.04 gives sound out from front jack but not from rear panel. This is believed to be lack of driver for (jack sensing)
High Definition 7.1 Azalia Audio
? Audio codec Realtek 888
? Compliance with Azalia 1.0 spec
? Flexible 7.1 Ch. audio with jack sensing

command lspci gives line:
NVIDIA MCP73 high definition audio

the computer is

MSI mainboard believed to be P6NGM Latest Drivers download offers:
(there are some drivers but only windows drivers found here)

realtek offers
which includes a linux driver
HD Audio Codec Driver
Linux driver (2.4 or 2.6) 5.03 2008/5/15 4951k
which I tried to use, but I do not know what I am doing mostly and I screwed up, sorry, so I dont know if they might work.

BUG #231926 refers

My immediate solution is to use a separate PCI audio card, and not make use of the on board facility.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Toshiba A200
Installation works flawlessly.
Now hibernate works and sleep also...
Little problem with overhead projector. I shall work on it when I'm not busy. Maybe a flaw of the Nvidia driver.
My headphone doesn't shut the sound when I plug it. I am trying to connect a Motorola S9 bluetooth headphone.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hi, I have submitted this as an "Ask Slashdot" question. Not sure if it will be published. I use Ubuntu, so I thought this may be also good to ask here.
All the hardware I am using works with Linux. None of it comes with "Linux compatible" stamp on it. The information on compatibility has to be looked up on message boards or specialized web sites.
Why the vendors are afraid of confirming the compatibility?

I have heard that vendors do not want to confirm that their hardware works with Linux because they do not see it economical to offer Linux support line. Linux users market is still too small and the OS is too fractured. Well, if the hardware does work with Linux, why not state it and just let users know, that they may not count with customer support yet? This would be a great help for Linux users already.

I can imagine the main problem here is to legally exclude support while stating compatibility. Wouldn't it be a high time for Linux community to set up a framework legalese to lower the barriers for the vendors?
I am sure this is related to this thread but may still be off-topic. I have not found a suitable forum yet. Should it be deleted, could you please advise per personal message where to post it?


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hardy Heron 8.04
Lenovo ThinkPad
T60p (purchased 4/07)

Installation without trouble with dual-boot with Vista. However, trouble with wireless card Atheros 5418. Could not associate an AP with Windows driver and NDISwrapper nor with Linux-based driver from Madwifi. No joy. Ethernet connection, flawless. System crashed when trying to use substitute for Network Manager--Wicd

Second issue: from sleep, wake would cause computer to enter cycle of reboot and attempted sleep--this was intermittent.

Note: Vista completely unstable on this system forcing downgrade to Windows XP


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Originally Posted by kutitata
Ubuntu... It just works... really!!!

I am so happy i decided to go Linux...

I honestly had no idea it would be this easy...

My specs : -

AMD Athlon X2 4000

Asus M2N-E

Asus EN8500GT

D-Link DWL-G510


Everything worked perfectly out of the box... It was super!

So cool !!! I want to buy this mainboard. Thank you !!!!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 6.10
ECS n-Force 4m-a Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
EVGA Nvidia Geforce 7300
WD Caviar 320GB IDE
WD Caviar 80GB IDE
Dell OEM CD/DVD Burner
MSI CD Burner
Netgear WG311 v3 using ndiswrapper 1.4
Gateway EV700 CRT Screen (Sucks)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Recent build:
GIGABYTE GA-M61P-S3 motherboard. Likes LInux no problems.
MSI Video card NX7300LE-TD works great. Mobo has 4GB of ram. Desktop effects no problem.
Lite-On DVD IDE Model LH-20A1P-186 - Retail works well with Ubuntu.
Rosewill RCR-102 52-in-1 USB 2.0 Black Card Reader Works Fine.
Rosewill RM800P Black 3 Buttons 1 x Wheel PS/2 Wired Optical Mouse - OEM
all these worked well with Ubuntu 7.10. I only used a single SATA hard drive. Got Questions PM me.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

My desktop as of now:

DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra
Opteron 165
X1950XT (the usual Compiz issues)
Audigy 2ZS (had to switch out my X-Fi )
Seagate Barracuda SATAII 160GB
Samsung SH-S183L
Airlink AWLL3055 WLAN adapter*

* works with WPA out of the box but kernel module caps speeds at 36Mbps. Ndiswrapper works better.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Edubuntu 7.10 works out of the box

I think these computers are 8 years old (1999 vintage)

Intel SE440BX2 Motherboard Revision 17 BIOS / P3 850Mhz / 500Mhz / 450Mhz processors / 512 MB PC100 SDRAM on each computer
various sized IDE hard drives - 20 - 120GBs - no CD-ROM drives (just used 1 drive between the systems to install the intial system onto each computer)
nVidia FX 5200 video cards
Linksys LNE100TX cards

only needed the restricted reponsitory for the nVidla drivers

got a small 16 computer Edubuntu network running with a single HP2500 Color LaserJet Ethernet (using JetDirect) network printer all with Internet Access

They run much better under Edubuntu than they did under Win2000 and I was very much surprised how easy and fast it was to set up. (Compared to getting all of them working under Windows, then installing Office onto each one.)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Just got a new printer (one that actually works with Linux). HP 5610 AIO. Works out of the box. Scanning did not seem to work with the normal hpijs driver, but it does with hplip. Works fine as a network printer too. The printer itself is small but a bit noisy (compared to my old monster of a Lexmark).


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 7.10

The logitech usb premium notebook headset works out of the box. I use it for Skype and the only thing I changed was the audio device settings within skype.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Just got a Logitech MX 5000 Laser package for my birthday. . . wireless keyboard and mouse. So far everything works great!!

Plugged in the bluetooth dongle, installed batteries in the keyboard, charged up the mouse and it all works. Press the e-mail button, and Evolution pops up. The media sliders on the side all work. I'm sure I will soon figure out how to program all of the other keys on the keyboard.

So far, I'm very happy with this package.

Oh yeah,

Ubuntu 7.10
Gateway P4
1GB Ram
Nvidia 6200
250 & 80 GB HD


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

The hardware in my signature (below) works fine. Ubuntu 7.10 (32-bit) suprisingly sees the motherboards onboard RAID mirror transparently. I didn't have to configure anything. I am booting from a 3rd IDE drive though, which might be why it was so easy.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy)
Brother HL-5240 Laser Printer
Works flawlessly with no configuration required. Plugged in USB 2.0 cable, logged in, printer was immediately available. Prints fast and quality is very good.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Version Of Ubuntu: 7.10
Type Of Hardware: Laptop
Hardware Maker: Sony
Hardware Model: PCG-K33

Everything detected and working off a clean install; however, this particular laptop contains the Radeon IGP 345m video chipset which is still not fully supported so there is no Accelerated 3D.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I had a surprise when Gutsy auto recognised a USB audio card, which i bought to try and get my windows-busted laptop sound working.
Please Only List
1)Version Of Ubuntu- 7.10
2)Type Of Hardware- USB Audio out
3)Hardware Maker- Turtle Beach
4)Hardware Model- Micro Audioadvantage (the black one)

It wouldn't work untill I changed some settings in the audio, to usb out.
We don't need no steenkin' drivers!!!!

Also my printers loaded up automatically- HP D1320 and Epson CX1500v


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I have loaded UBUNTU 7.10 on to my COMPAQ ARMADA E500 Laptop.
Had to load in SAFE GRAPHICS MODE.
All keys work.
Mouse Pad & Buttons work
USB works
Ethernet works
CD Drive works
Floppy Drive Works

Have not tried anything else yet.
Also hope this is okay as NEW to LINUX.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

ubuntu 6.10 up to 7.10
HP pavillion laptop dv2200 cto
amd turion 2 Ghz
nvidia 6150 go
broadcom 4310 wireless card
soundmax hd audio

6.10 worked alright, Feisty worked well, and Gutsy works awesomely.
upon clean install gutsy automatically installs correct video card driver, no messing with xorg.conf required. it also installs sound card perfectly, so that the control buttons for volume work and the headphones jack turns off the speakers when its hot plugged.
the wireless is a bit tricky. i have to uninstall network-manager-gnome which is the network applet that tells you what network youre on, and lets you change networks with the gui on the taskbar. this is no big deal to me becuase theres another different applet you can put on the taskbar that tells you the same thing, and you can change your networks manually by doing
sudo network-admin

i love ubuntu!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I have Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+/5000+ Black Edition
RAM: 2x1 GB DDR2-800 Dl-Ch OCZ Reaper HPC
GPU: ATi Sapphire HD 2600 XT
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA 2 @ IDE Controller from BIOS
WLAN Adaptor: Edimax (Based on RaLink RT61 "RT2600 Chip") 7128G

Able to boot the kernel but the Display Server always falls just after completing the boot and starting the OS, that happened after upgrading the BIOS to the 16xx series.

Ubuntu 7.04 worked after the upgrade but with problems, at least no problems with DisplayServer, LTS Version also worked to me, but it's old!
The problem is with all the Debian-Based Linux, but not with Debian itself!!


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

(K)Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10
ECS GF7100PVT-M3 (Purchased 2008/01/28 at Fryes)
500 GB Seagate PATA-100 hd
2GB Memory
NVidia nForce 630i/GF7100 on board video/lan/sound

Install works fine.
Boots, you can see Kubunut loading screen, the it goes away and text mode comes back. NVidia graphics driver problem. Used Envy, installed "latest", boots into Gui, now no sound. Reboot, no more gui. Have to use Envy each time i boot. No good. Going back to store for an Intel board.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hi all.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy amd64 release

Toshiba L40-14f
CPU Intel? Core Duo T2310 1.46Ghz
RAM 1024Mb
VIDEO Intel X3100 128Mb
DVD-RW, built-in modem, sound, wifi.

Out-of-the-box: almost all except compiz and wlan.

Please pay attention that my video adapter is officially blacklisted by compiz developers - you may have it to work with some magic, but there will be no ability for video playback with 3d desktop enabled (I can't get it work).

Internet threads says that wlan works as usual, nevertheless I can't get it work properly still (the problem is in my arms, I'm afraid ') I hope that the solution for Intel X3100 Graphics chipset will be available soon...

Also there are some problems with ACPI (attempts of suspend and hibernation modes causes system hang-ups from time to time)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Acer Travelmate 803Lci laptop installed with Win XP and then Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon 32 bit.
Acer comes with built in wifi, bluetooth, sound on board, built in ATI Radeon 9000 and in based on the Intel Centrino 959 chipset.
Installed Ubuntu with manual partitioning as only way to use two operating systems.
Dual boot works fine.
Complained that battery was faulty or old (still using original).
No other problems noted


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Brother MFC665CW networked Multi-function machine in Gutsy i386 and AMD64.
It was easy to set up in the 32 bit version of Gutsy. I followed the instructions in the Brother website,http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/index.html

I had to read the FAQ's for the setup in 64-bit version (am a newbie in Ubuntu but a guru in Dos/Windows).


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Linux version: Ubuntu 7.10
Hardware: Dell Inspiron 7000
Ram: 313.3Mb
CPU: Pentium 2 300MHz
Only problems with installation:
Linksys wireless card required Broadcom 43xx restricted Drivers. Took a while for me to work that out and I can't use a configured connection (must use an open wireless connection without encryption)
CD/DVD ROM not reading DVDs, I am working on that now. If there are any suggestions about the Toshiba SD-C2102 I'd appreciate it. It will read CD's.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hardy Heron
USB Bluetooth Dongle D-Link DBT-122
USB Bluetooth Dongle A-Quip A/BT-1. Although it claims Class 2 transmission power, range is the same as with the D-Link above.
A2DP stereo bluetooth headset naviPlayRemote (Ten, Zeevo)
Connected running kbluetooth as root.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Asus EN9600GT 512MB HDMI (nVdidia Geforce 9600GT)
Asus M2NPV-VM (Motherboard)
Linksys Wireless-G WMP54G (wireless adapter)

They all three work with Hardy Heron amd64 2.6.24, out of the box.
With earlier versions of Ubuntu the motherboard needs to get its kernel updated. The graphics card isn't tested with older versions, the linksys doesn't work with older kernels.

(NB: The EN9600GT doesn't work with the M2NPV-VM due a lack of compatibility of PCIe2.0 with PCIe 1.0)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I`m using Kubuntu 8.04 (KDE 3.5.9) on my laptop Toshiba Satellite A110-153. My CPU is Intel Centrino Duo T 2050, 1 Giga RAM, HDD 100 Giga. I`m able to use wireless conection using my device Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG and wired connection through Realtek RTL 8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. Everything worked out of the box; the only problem I`m having is my scanner, a CanoScan LiDE 90, curently unsupported by SANE.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

gutsy gibbon
HL 2030L
works with CUPS out of the box.

hardy heron
ScanSnap S500
all functions out of the box except for the buttons (not tried to configure)

gutsy gibbon
F5D6020 ver. 2100

gutsy gibbon
PCMCIA USB 2.0 32Bit CardBus card


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Originally Posted by glasen
Notebook Dell Latitude D505 - Ubuntu Version 8.04

1. WLAN -> Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG : Works out-of-the-box. Driver name "ipw2200".

2. Graphics card -> Intel 855-Chipset. Works out-of-the-box. Without the following modification in xorg.conf, the X-server, when using the "intel"-driver, repeatedly crashes after logging out :

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Intel"
        Busid           "PCI:0:2:0"
        Driver          "intel"
        Option          "AccelMethod" "exa"
        Option          "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
        Option          "ExaNoComposite" "true"
        Option          "ForceEnablePipeA" "true"
        Option          "FramebufferCompression" "on"
        Option          "Tiling" "on"
The "i810"-driver needs the package "i915-resolution" to support the native resolution "1400x1050" of my notebook.

3. Soundcard -> See above chipset. Works out-of-the-box.

4. Bluetooth -> Dell Truemobile 300. Works out-of-the-box. One important tip : Turn on the bluetooth-radio under Windows (Blue light must be on!). Otherwise the dongle does not work correctly under Hardy (The radio is turned off and no connection is possible).

5. Suspend and Hibernate : Suspend works out-of-the box. No changes are needed. Hibernate fails for me, but because i don't use it, i never tried to fix it.

6. Misc :

- Downgrade BIOS-Version to A09. All above versions (A10 and A11) will corrupt the display under X11.

- Append "hpet=force" to kernel-line in /boot/grub/menu.lst to enable HPET (High Precision Event Timers). This will increase battery life and decrease heat output significantly.
I'm new to ubuntu so how can i make all those changes to my dell latitude D505?

Any help would be appreciated


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1. Gutsy Gibbon 7.10
2. Laptop
3. Thinkpad T22 with RAM upgraded to 1GB
4. IBM

Standard spec does not include wireless support. Therefore, I installed a Comtrend RT2500 PCMCIA wireless card.

Everything works just great! No further tinkering around required.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu version: 8.04
Type Of Hardware: USB Bluetooth Dongle
Hardware Maker: Kensington
Hardware Model: USB Micro Adapter

I don't know if this is the real model name of it. What I do know is that it's the part that goes into the usb port and about 2/3 cm sticking out. No special configuration needed.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

like to keep it short:

acer laptop travelmate 2480 all works well as far as i know, opengl, wireless (ndiswrapper), 'fn' key combinations.

using hardy herron


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04

works with:
AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+
Emaxx NF7050HD-Pro
- Generic Marvell Yukon ethernet adapter
2gb Corsair XMS2 dual channel
Inno3D 9600GT 512mb 256bits OC
Sounblaster Audigy 2 5.1

still figuring out installing Nvidia Supplied drivers, upon installation ubuntu uses the monitors native resolution 1280*1024.

Processor Dual Core is fine... 2 Cores detected
RAM is superb 2gb detected
Sounds are fine,

Harddisks are fine, ubuntu reads windows and other ntfs partitions FINE.

I'll update this post as soon as i see some problems / improvements.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I have an Acer Aspire 5100AWLMI:
Processor AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology TL-48 (2x256KB L2 cache, 2.2GHz)
Memory 1GB (512/512) DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive 120GB hard drive
Display 15.4" WXGA (1280 x 800) TFT display, Acer? CrystalBrite Technology
Graphics integrated ATI Radeon™ Xpress X200M graphics
Optical Drive integrated Super-Multi drive (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM)
Communications 802.11b/g WLAN, 10/100 LAN, V.92 modem
Special Features 5-in-1 card reader, Acer? OrbiCam camera

Memory Stick support is not implemented, also the Atheros 5007EG wireless card needs to compile special madwifi driver. Microphone for the ALC/Realtek HD chip doesn't work. Pulse Audio doens't work.
Ubuntu 8.04.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 8.04 x64

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard
4GB G.Skill DDR2 memory
nVidia GeForce 8500GT video card
Intel Pentium D Dual Core Processor (1.8GHz)

Everything works OOB perfectly. Computer boots up in 25 seconds.
I've overclocked the FSB to 3.105GHz, and the memory to 886MHz.

Ubuntu absolutely flies on this machine.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

New build, similar to the previous poster:

MB Gigabyte EP35-DS3L
Gskill 2x1 Gb PC8500
Intel E2200 2.2 Ghz Dual core
EVGA 8400GS($25 after rebate)

Everything worked OOB with Hardy 8.04 x32...Linux only box.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I`ll add this:
1.Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R (rev. 2.1)
2.CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo/45 nm arch./Wolfdale/e8400@3.0 GHz
3.Sys RAM: 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 MHz "Elixir"(dual channeling)
4.Sys RAM: 2 x 1GB DDR2 800 MHz "Elixir"(dual channeling)
5.VGA: ATI x800 XL 512 MB/256 Bit
6.HDD: Seagate Baracuda 80 GB/ 7200 rpm/ 8MB cache
7.HDD: Seagate Baracuda 320 GB/ 7200 rpm/ 16MB cache


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Originally Posted by klhoard
Just got a Logitech MX 5000 Laser package for my birthday. . . wireless keyboard and mouse. So far everything works great!!

Plugged in the bluetooth dongle, installed batteries in the keyboard, charged up the mouse and it all works. Press the e-mail button, and Evolution pops up. The media sliders on the side all work. I'm sure I will soon figure out how to program all of the other keys on the keyboard.

So far, I'm very happy with this package.

Oh yeah,

Ubuntu 7.10
Gateway P4
1GB Ram
Nvidia 6200
250 & 80 GB HD
Hey Buddy... can you (*or anyone else) comment at all on the ability to use the bluetooth dongle for other devices? I'm thinking of getting this so I can also connect my blackberry over bluetooth to Ubuntu.

Thanks a lot.



Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

1)Kubuntu 8.04 x64
2)Desktop, 'home-made':
- Motherboard Asus P5K/EPU (P35 chipset)
- Intel Quad Core 6600
- Asus Graphic Card, Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS.
- 4 GB, DDR2 - 800, G-Skill
- SATA Western Digital harddrive
- SATA Asus DVD burner
- LAN on board (Marvell 88E8056 PCIe Gigabit)
- Sound on board (Realtek ALC883 8-channel)

Everything working well with kubuntu 'out-of-the-box'. Well, sound odesn't work from time to time...


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

HP Slimline s3400f
AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual 5200+ (2.70GHz)
NVIDIA nForce 430 chipset
500GB 7200RPM SATA drive
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE graphics (128MB)
10/100BaseT Ethernet
Wireless 802.11b/g
on-board audio

Ubuntu 8.04/i386 (not brave enough yet for the 64-bit)
All updates current

First attempt didn't get past pressing Enter to start the install process: just hung there with a black screen and a cursor blinking in the upper left corner. I tried falling back on upgrading my current Windows XP workstation to Ubuntu and using the new machine as my Windows system, but that would have boxed me into the corner of having to use the Vista that came installed on the machine instead of XP, and besides, things weren't working well in Windows, either.

So after a couple of days going back and forth with HP support, I decided the machine must be a lemon. Took it back to the store, swapped it for another of the same model and started over. Smoothest installation of any operating system I've ever installed. Graphics came right up into the monitor's native 1920x1200, sound worked perfectly, wireless worked without any hand-holding whatsover (other than plugging in the WEP key), DVD burner worked flawlessly. Wireless has a little hum if the sound is turned up, but I don't plan to use the wireless on this system anyway. One moment of panic came when I looked at the output from `cat /proc/cpuinfo` which gave bogomips of only 2000 per CPU (running at 1GHz) but with a little research I found that this is just the energy saving feature preventing the system from using more juice than is necessary when you're not asking it to do any real work.

In short, looks like a success story after the first couple of days. (I do wish I had the 4GB of memory they accidentally installed in the first machine, but maybe that was part of the problem.)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 (amd64)

Lenovo Thinkpad T61P type 6457-BQG

Intel Core 2 Duo (Penryn) 2.6ghz - WORKING both CPU cores / Power Management.
4gb RAM - WORKING with amd64 install.
200gb Full Disk Encryption HDD - WORKING

Windows Vista 32bit Ulitmate pre-install - WORKING /PART - Re-sizing vista works from within Vista BUT still takes up 100gb disk space + ThinkVantage Utility Partition. - Wiping Vista and Thinkvantage off altogether works the best! Vista will only use 3gb ram.

NVidia Quadro FX 570m - WORKING / Propriatory Drivers Optimal - Doing an install with VESA driver selected will work, the packaged nv driver will not sta 1f40 rt. After getting the machine running with VESA driver running the ENVY application will install the Nvidia drivers and will work. The VESA driver will not support compiz-fusion but the Nvida propriatory driver works great.

Screen 15.4" WUXGA - WORKING, screen is excellent and works fine, though changing the brightness in the bios is recommended as it is dull.

Intel 4965agn WORKING / Part -Works fine from DVD install, software update seems to fix regular disconnection issue but disables LED indicator.

Modem - UNKNOWN / Probably broken.

Ethernet - WORKING out of the box (tested at 100mbps)

Soundcard - WORKING out of the box

Fingerprint reader - WORKING / Part (supposed) search for THINKFINGER, seems to only use one fingerprint rather than multi-finger enroll in vista. Also crashed my machine badly.

Touchpad etc, WORKING fine, both red "nipple" and Touchpad, right side of touchpad scrolls vertically, buttons fine.

DVD - WORKING - seems to prefer +RW's not -RW's

Buttons - Volume WORKING fine. Thinkvantage - Broken Function Keys [LOCK] works [Battery] Display battery info, [SLEEP] works - see below, [RADIO] operates bluetooth, upsets sound, [SCREEN] external monitor not working from O/S only on hard boot from bios [brightness and Keyboard light] Working [others] working.

Suspend / Hibernate - Was working out of the BOX but I broke it, therefore it depends on the software installed.

PCMCIA / CARDBUS - UNKOWN wouldn't recognise my PCMCIA modem, but probably not the busses fault.

USB - WORKING / Firewire - Unknown

Battery life - Not Great, if you need longer life buy 2

seriously use powertop to sort out your apps and you can enable powersaving of the wireless card, subscribe to linux-thinkpad for more info.


Virgin Media (uk) - If you subscribe you might not be able to complete the registration that you get as soon as you fire up the web browser. If this happens call them and tell THEM to complete the registration online because there servers are crap and don't want to support linux. They will say that Linux is not supported and that it won't work or some b/s, tell them your not paying for the phonecall and ask for the manager, when you find someone who knows what their doing it will be sorted.

Samsung CLP-300n - WORKING / Part out of the box. USB operation is flawless. When using with X-sane text may appear too dark / large. Network functionality seems a misnomer.

Cannon Lide 25 - WORKING out of the box with Xsane.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Gateway MX3225 Notebook
Intel Celeron M Processor 370
Via VN800 chipset
512 MB DDR2 SODIMM 533 MHz
60GB 4200 RPM hard drive
S3 UniChrome Pro integrated graphics processor
10/100 Mbps built-in Ethernet
802.11g integrated Wireless
56K ITU V.92 ready Fax/Modem (RJ-11 port)
AC '97 2.3 Compliant audio

I initially started Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) on this machine as a live CD and did install directly from the live CD but I had problems with
- the audio (no sound)
- the wireless
- the display (the desktop didn't fit on 1f40 the display and there were about 10-15% of real estate missing to the right and bottom.

I got wireless working when using a PCI card but I couldn't get the integrated wireless to work.

After a while banging my head I re-installed Ubuntu, this time without going though the live CD but using the second option on the DVD to install Ubuntu - et voila, the graphics what recognized.

The audio worked after pushing a couple of buttons in the Alsa mixer.
The external wireless (Linksys 802.11g PCI) worked right away after installing the driver.
The internal wireless worked after using the patch and instructions from
The graphics worked but only at a resolution of 800x600. By using the vesa driver and selecting a resolution of 1280x768 though, this problem was resolved as well.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

HOW can they label this thread as a "hardware compatibility LISTING", when the only way that you could possibly find if a particular piece of hardware is compatible with Ubuntu, is to read EVERY word in over 250 different posts ?

And even then, I am not sure that you would have a definitive answer !!!

If someone wants to make an actual LISTING, only then should they label that thread as a listing.



Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

why can't we collext all inputs as adatabase seperated into GPU WLAN Input ...

like http://www.openprinting.org/printer_...gi?make=Anyone

There you would be able to search as fast as possible for vendor and product name


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Kubuntu Gutsy
AMD64 X2 and Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GT
Did not work with nvidia-glx-new 1.0.9755 but works with nvidia drivers 100.14.11 updated with envy.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Here is some info on a PCI USB 2.0 upgrade I did that worked out swell.

Old PC (768 MB PC133 RAM); Mobo K7SEM. (http://www.klondike.ru/spec/MotherBo...ketA/k7sem.htm)
product: AMD Athlon(tm) XP
version: 6.6.2
size: 1550MHz
width: 32 bits
description: Host bridge
product: 730 Host
vendor: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS]

Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn)

Compatible USB Upgrade
Installed a Rosewill RC-101 USB 2.0 5-port PCI adapter. Less than $10 US from NewEgg.

Did not install any drivers. It just worked out of the box.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10 tribe 3 upgraded to 4 and beyond.

CPU - Core2Duo 6300
M/B - MSI P6N SLI - Nvidia nForce 650i SLI chipset
RAM - Generic DDRII 667
Video- Nvidia 7600 GS
Sata HD
Audio - On-Board Nvidia
FireWire - VIA on-board
Ethernet - Nvidia on-board
All works fine, except for M/B sensors,which recognized by lm-sensors, but they don't have any drivers for it yet, so I'm unable to monitor and change FAN speed, and Voltage.
Intel's Core2Duo CPU has it's own temp sensors and works under Linux.

No special adjustments were needed, everything worked out of the box.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.


1)Version Of Ubuntu - Feisty
2)Type Of Hardware - MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum, AMD 64 3800+, Asus Nvidia 6600GT PCI Express, 3xSATA HDD (Maxtor and Samsung), 1GB (2x512) OCZ Premier DR400
3)Hardware Maker - self-build


1) version of Ubuntu - Feisty
2) IBM Thinkpad
3) Hardware Maker - Mainly Intel
4) Hardware Model - R50e

Everything works out of the box.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

AsRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2
1.5GB Crucial RAM (DDRII)
2 x 160GB SamSung HD160JJ SATA HDD
Intel Pentium 4 3.40Ghz Processor (LGA775)
nVidia 7600GS PCI-E Video Card
Creative Labs SB Audigy 2 Value

Ubuntu v7.04 detects H/W and works without any issues. Not test with pre 7.04 distro's.



Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu version: 7.04
Type of Hardware: Laptop
Hardware maker: ACER
Hardware model: TravelMate 2480-2943 Notebook PC

Intel Celeron M processor, DDR2 Ram (original 512) current 1.5GB, 40 GB Hatachi Hard drive (original) 80 GB Hard drive current, CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive, Intel chip set 945GM, 14.1 WXGA TFT LCD

Ubuntu worked on installation, with the following changes, I had to add Synaptics Touchpad driver [gsynaptic] to get the small square scroll button between the left and right buttons to work correctly AND to be able to turn OFF the tap feature. Secondly I had to install the Intel video driver [xserver-xorg-video-intel] using the Synaptic package manager. The Intel install was very easy and now my screen resolution is correct (which appears very clear). By the way all I did is to add the Intel driver and the system did every thing else to make the changes.

The SD card reader worked without any changes, the WiFi worked without any changes, after getting the needed codecs the DVD player plays movies, and CD music.

Update: I was able to rip a CD and then burn a blank with the ripped material, using Sound Juicer + Serpentine.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu Ver. 7.04
Hardware: Desktop
Manufacturer : HCl
Mode : Beanstalk 4458

Intel P4 2.8 , 256MB DDR400 , 80 GB IDe hard disk..Intel 845 Chipset with inbuilt VGA..
The problem is some times it hangs a lot.. I know due to ram But try making newer Driver cause am gng to update thanks.. Like driver for P35

Dark Star

Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

I have an HP Pavilion 522n that's been great so far, 100% Ubuntu. My only issue is that I can't burn a CD. I've tried both Serpentine and GnomeBaker to no avail. Searched the forums for info on the hardware, a MITSUMI CR-48X9TE, but can't find any thing. Any help would be very welcome.

Everything else is great.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

PIII 700 MHZ ,500M PC133 RAM , bulit from old parts runs Dapper slowly but surely.
This has been running for over a year with no real problems after install.

Dell Optiplex GX260 ( 1.8 MHZ , 500M PC2100 RAM ) seems to be getting along fine with Feisty , About 2 months of casual usage .

Athlon 1.0 GHZ ( overclocked to 1430 MHZ ) Shuttle AK31 motherboard
1.0 G PC3200 memory at 266 MHZ CAS 2.5
Soundblaster Audigy card
ATI Radeon 256M PCI video card
PCI 2.0 card and NIC card are unknown MFG.
Dapper installed just fine with the exception of the audio card , which had to be declared as default before it would work.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the folks who have contributed to the Ubuntu project !


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.


1) Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 Tribe 5 (Feisty and Gutsy)

2) Type of hardware:
Case: Antec Nine Hundred (900)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz w/ stock heatsink/fan
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500
RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 Mhz
Video Card: BFG NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS OC 256MB
Hard drives: Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATAII 3.0Gb/s, Maxtor PATA 120GB
Optical Drive: BenQ DW1655 16x DVD-RW PATA

PERFECT compatibility with Feisty with zero tweaking. Everything detected: all hard drives, graphics card, sound, USB, and LAN worked out of the box. Very happy with my first builld!


If for some reason you install Windows XP after install Ubuntu, Windows will kill the ethernet for some reason. I thought I fried my motherboard, but happily found the fix: here.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Compaq Presario laptop with
Processor: AMD Turion 64 bit, 2.0 GHz, 512 KB cache
Nvidia GeForce 6150 on board graphics card
512 MB RAM
DVD writer
integrated SD/MMC card reader
integrated WiFi, LAN 100Mbps

OS: Xubuntu Feisty fawn 7.04 64 bit AMD dual boot with Windows XP

I had problems installing the standard Ubuntu 64 bit ( the installer seemed to hang while partitioning the drives), but the Xubuntu installer worked flawlessly. it detects most of my harware automatically, even the card reader! However there are some issues:

1. The laptop function keys do not work. I guess other laptop users face a similar problem.. it's been reported

2. laptop screen brightness cannot be adjusted. smartdimmer doesn't work... gives "init_nvclock() failed!" message.

3. hibernate is quite slow .... as compared to windows XP. switch user tends to hang sometimes

4.nvidia driver doesn't get installed; i still have to use the Nv driver (tried apt-get)

Otherwise, it's been a welcome change from XP, much faster! (except for the internet speed)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

The machine worked like a charm from first install, but had to put some work in getting it fine tuned; see notes.

Asus F3M-AP034A-A

Mobile AMD Sempron 3400+
Speed 2000 MHz
Intern mem 2048 MB (the full mounty to try to speed up Vista... unsuccesfully)

TFT 15,4” Res 1280 x 800
Video nVidia GeForce Go6100 (onboard) (had to work on this one a bit to get the right res.)
Internal webcam DOES NOT WORK YET, but put no serious effort in it
Sound onboard
HD 80 GB, 5400 rpm DVD?RW DL, cardreader
ethernet, USB 2.0, Wireless LAN
FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394), modem, TV-out, DID NOT TEST THIS YET, but seems ok to me.
6 cells Li-Ion

Dual boot Ubuntu 7.04 // Vista (paid for it, so it is going to be there till my wallet no longer aches )

Works fine with:
Samsung ML3050ND network and usb printer (work both)
KPN / Siemens Experiabox modem / router
Canon Pixma IP2200 usb printer


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Few things are to be edited when I finish with them, but right ''out of the box'' situation is like this:

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

working right after the installation (out of the box):
Mobile Intel? Pentium? M Processor 740;
2gb DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-3200-DDR2 400);
80 GB (S-ATA 5400);
Double layer DVD?RW Drive;
X-black LCD 17" WXGA+ (1440x900);
ATI MOBILITYTM RADEON? X600 PCI Express with 128 MB VRAM resolution is right, even working in blender is by default ok, openGL is not ok, but that is general problem with ati/linux combination, and tweaking is necessary ;
Intel? High Definition Audio compatible, 3D audio (Direct Sound 3D support);
Network: Ethernet 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX/1000 BASE-T;
WIRELESS LAN:IEEE 802.11b/g standard;
BATTERY/ Lithium-Ion;
Wireless mouse;
Audio/Video in and outs;

working: dvd tray button, mute button, power off;
not working: +-volume, +-brightness, auto brightness, zoom, special (useless) button;

Memory StickTM slot (Memory StickTM Pro, Memory StickTM Duo}, I don't have memory stick with me right now so I don't know if it works without problems, however , little light is on and it looks like it is recognized by system;
DOCKING STATION: I do not have one;
Modem: Built-in V.92/V.90 (56 kbps) data/fax modem: I didn't use it for a looong time;
PC CARD SLOTS (PCMCIA): I don't have a card to test it right now.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

version of Ubuntu : Kubuntu 6.10

computer type : Desktop Computer

hardware :

Asus P5PL2-SE mainboard
Intel Core2Duo E4300
Galaxy 7900GS 256 MB video card
Seagate 320 GB SataII hard disk
Seagate 250 GB IDE hard disk
Kingston 2x1 GB DDR2 667
Linksys Wifi Adapter WMP54G
Asus DRW 1612-BL dvd burner
Samsung 226BW monitor

Everything worked out of the box except for the HDA Intel AD1986A sound chip. Refer to the following thread to get it working : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231032 (MCMC). After this fix all audio connections are working perfectly.

Of course the wifi adapter had to be installed using the Broadcom 43xx firmware. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...light=bcm+43xx

NVidia 100.14.09 driver is fully functional with 3D acceleration and Beryl 0.2.0 running in Samsung 226BW native resolution (1680x1050).


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Hi there,

I have not been able to find any info if Feisty works fine with Sony Vaio VGN-TX3XP. Does anone know? The graphics card (Mobile intel 945GM Express Chipset Family) gave me a lot of problems with Fedora Core 6.

Thanks in advance.. (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question)


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Ubuntu 6.10
ASUS A9Rp Laptop
1.8 Ghz Celeron,ATI Radeon Xpress 200M,ZyDAS 1211B Wireless,Realtek HDA Audio

Every thing is detected but WIRELSS,Audio(Built in speakers are OK but the 3.5 mm jack has weak sound),Modem

I could solve audio and wireless problems, users follow the instructions bellow:

1-Download and install kernel sources, I copied it to /usr/src/

2-Get this patch for audio and decompress to your kernel source root folder, mine is:/usr/src/linux-2.6.21-5
so, you should have alsa-git-2007-05-03.patch in your linux kernel source folder

3-Open console and run:
patch -p1 <alsa-git-2007-05-03.patch
OK, Now kernel is patched for audio, we proceed to wireless.

4-Say your kernel source folder is like mine, /usr/src/linux-2.6.21-5, open this file:
/usr/src/linux-2.6.21-5/drivers/net/wireless/zd_usb.c and add this line to the ZD1211-B section:
{ USB_DEVICE(0x0b05, 0x171b), .driver_info = DEVICE_ZD1211B },
Save the file.

5-Now you should download this file and decompress the content into /lib/firmware/zd1211(if this directory does not exist, create it)

OK,we are almost done!Now, you should compile the new kernel and install it.You can open /usr/src/linux-2.6.21-5/README.txt to find out how to do so. what I did:

cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.21-5
Make oldconfig
Make modules_install
Make install

If using GRUB, you are done!Reboot and enjoy
If using LILO, reinstall LILO and reboot and enjoy!

The above procedures should work with other versions of ubuntu as well as other distributions. One of my friends has done it in OpenSUSE 10.2 without any problem.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Originally Posted by IntuitiveNipple

Update (29th May 2007):[indent]I've created a custom BIOS that enables VMX. It turns out that module BIOSCODE6 already includes the instruction to set the VMX bit, but that it is jumped-over because a check of the user's Setup configuration says VMX is disabled (the user never gets the chance to enable it!). For this custom BIOS I simply over-write the jump instruction with 2 no-op (NOP) op-codes so the instruction that sets bit 2 of MSR 0x3A is executed.
Unfortunately, the tool from Phoenix that allows the BIOS to have its modules extracted and re-catenated, BIOS Editor Pro v2.2, isn't totally reliable and can corrupt the resulting BIOS image such that when it is programmed by Phoenix WinPhlash the PC becomes a brick.
can u share your custom BIOS with other sony viao user?


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Feisty 7.04 64bit
Core 2 Du0 E6700 2.6Ghz, (overclocked slightly to about 2.71Ghz to see if it could be done)
ASRock 775i65G (rev 2.0) Motherboard. AMI BIOS, (Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2)
1Gb OCZ Voltage Extreme DDR (PC400) RAM
ATI X800XT (AGP) Graphics card
Cmedia 9761A (on-board) 5.1 sound
2x Seagate ST3320620A Barracuda 7200.10 (320GB Ultra ATA) hard drives.

I love ASRock boards, cheap, and rock solid. No problems at all expect Grub hates ATI cards, add "nosplash" to you boot line, to get around the splash freeze problem. However the 32bit 7.04 boot CD has no problems with the splash image.


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Dell Latitude CPx (old) laptop
P3, 20gig HDD, D-Link wireless DWL G630 card

Dual Boot !!!! Feisty 7.04 and Windows 2000 Pro easy setup. wireless card was set up using direct connect eth1 then switched.
Even Skype !
a walk in the park ! did it for a friend, added Ubuntu stickers !


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Xubuntu 7.04 (did a CLI install and then added all packages manually with apt/synaptic)

Using it as Desktop Computer,,,gaming and multimedia.

Asus P5N-E SLI
Intel QX6700
2x2gb A-Data PC2 5300
MSI 7900GTO 512mb
Soundblaster Live 5.1
1x36gb WD Raptor
2x500gb Samsung T166 (16mb cache, SATA2, NCQ e.t.c)

Everything worked perfectly well right out of the box. I have however turned of everything I don't use in bios such as firewire, IDE ports, onboard sound e.t.c
I also compiled the lates 2.6.22 kernel and install nvidia driver with "Envy Script"


Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 (Ver. 2.0)
Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz quad core / 8mb cache
4x1gb OCZ pc800 ddr2
4x gigabit nics (marvell chip - onboard)
Nvidia 6600GT 256mb pci-e (don't remember brand, but doesnt matter really)
Soundblaster Audigy 2zs
Plextor 32x cdr
Sony 16x dvdr
Seagate 80gb boot + 500gb secondary hdd's
2x Dell 2007FP 20" lcd monitors @ 1600x1200 (3200x1200 res desktop in X)

bootcharted to a 36sec startup

This install started as a 6.06 but I have upgraded it to 7.10 through apt-get over the past couple months. It was actually in a Dell E521 pc with the same parts as above except the mobo / cpu / ram, but I just plugged it into this new system and it booted right up. No complaints, and the ONLY thing I had to fix was the time. works perfectly.

The only thing that I don't know works is the onboard soundcard (cmedia?) as I haven't tried it. It probably will though.


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